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Vlisco Wax Hollandais - 2067

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(1 Unit = 0.25 metres)

Vlisco Wax Hollandais - 2067 - Dutch Wax Block Print Fabric


Established in 1846, Vlisco is the true originator of African Fabrics. The wax fabric goes through 27 processes by hand and machine and takes two weeks to produce.This process is Vlisco's best kept secret and is unique in the world.Vlisco make their own unique colours in house to ensure the deepest most vibrant colours that are also colour fast. Vlisco has a truly unique design language which has resulted in a wonderfully colourful and original world.


This is a Guaranteed Real Dutch Wax Block Print. Let your imagination run wild while you marvel at this beautiful goemetroc print. A great piece to match with other prints. Whether you choose to use this fabric for tops, skirts, dresses or soft furnishings you will be sure to have an eye catching and beautifully unique piece on your hands.

Base Cloth: 100% Cotton / 120gr/m²
Fabric Weight: Medium
Fabric Width: 120cm

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